Lambert Lab
Factors that affect Career choice for underrepresented groups

Our first major study in this field, published as a Feature Article in eLife, examined the career goals of over 1300 biomedical postdoctoral researchers and the factors that influence commitment to or divergence from conventional academic research careers.

We have continued to try to understand career disparities STEM PhDs and Public Health graduates from underrepresented groups using quantitative and qualitative methods.

We are recruiting U.S. public health graduates for our latest study here.


Understanding the Science of Effective Mentorship Networks

Despite widespread recognition of the benefit of having more than one mentor for success in biomedical research, the roles and types of mentors important for early career researchers is not well-understood. We are working to identify and test patterns of successful mentorship networks to enhance biomedical research outcomes and close mentoring gaps for researchers from underrepresented backgrounds.

Understanding the Dynamics of workforce diversity on health outcomes

It is well-known for example that the racial concordance of a healthcare provider with their patients can impact health outcomes of patients. We are interested at the population level better understanding how the demographics of the healthcare workforce impacts health outcomes for various populations, and how interventions can be designed to improve large scale health outcomes.

Community Connect

Community Connect aims to enhance the capacity of community-based organizations (CBOs) to secure sustainable funding and collaborate effectively with academic researchers. By conducting comprehensive needs assessments and developing a virtual platform for CBO-driven partnerships, Community Connect facilitates grant submissions, program evaluations, and mentorship opportunities. This initiative leverages best practices and a repository of resources to maximize time and impact, ultimately increasing the quality and quantity of community-academic collaborations.